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Evaluate. Learn. Decide.

CLEAR is a global team. We aim to improve policy through strengthening monitoring and evaluation (M&E) systems and capacities. We innovate, test and learn locally and regionally, and we share and inspire globally.

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NEW! It is to fill this gap and contribute to the emergence of a critical mass of evaluators in the region as the CLEAR Center for Francophone Africa launches this training seminar in Impact Evaluation. The seminar is aimed at enabling the evaluation of professionals to have better control of the process and tools used for the rigorous conduct of a quality impact evaluation course. Read more


NEW! The Impact Evaluation Course is back this summer in Shanghai! This technical course introduces impact evaluation as a key instrument for determining project/program effectiveness, informing policy development and improving program designs. It covers commonly used econometric and statistical methods to evaluate the impacts of social and other programs in developing countries. Read more


Present, exchange and discuss international experiences on interventions, programs or public policies aimed at early childhood development whose results have been evaluated through rigorous research. Throughout various conferences and debates it seeks to present the existing mechanisms to socialize the importance of using evidence generated from evaluations. With a critical eye the elements that hinder the use of evaluation and lessons learned that puedans serve as an example and inspiration will be presented will be discussed.
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This brief highlights promising strategies, approaches and tools CLEAR centers have used that can be further explored or replicated. Areas include influencing M&E supply and demand, establishing partnerships and developing context-specific solutions. Read more  

As countries respond to the demands of rapidly changing development contexts, the need to find the right systems and tools to promote inclusive development increases. Across Africa there is pressure to harness emerging evaluative thinking and context-specific evaluation processes, to improve our responses to the complex transformations occurring within the continent. Read more


The objective of the three-day programme is to cover the basic elements of designing effective questionnaires. Topics will include the theory of change and its importance in defining what to measure, developing unbiased measures, designing questionnaires, and collecting data. Significant emphasis will be placed on the application of survey design concepts through the use of relevant examples and interactive case studies. Read more

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