Francophone Africa


fa​​The African Centre for Advanced Studies in Management (CESAG Dakar - Senegal), in collaboration with the International Institute for Water and Environmental Engineering (2iE Ouagadougou - Burkina Faso), houses the CLEAR center for francophone Africa (CLEAR FA). 

CLEAR FA works to systematize the practice of monitoring and evaluation (M & E) for effectiveness of development actions. It meets the growing demand of governments and civil society to support practical strengthening of M & E capacity. Thus, it aims to contribute to the strengthening of national capacities in M & E and performance management, providing quality services that meet the specific needs of the Francophone Africa within a reasonable time.

The Centre focuses on M & E services and results-based management (RBM), with four main strategies :

1. Training : through the development of technical content and resources to offer courses mainly dedicated to the specific needs of the countries covered

2. Advice services : through technical support at national and sectoral level, on most innovative and relevant tools, methods and approaches.

3. Case studies / Innovations : to help enhance the quality of evaluation work

4. Dissemination of knowledge/results and networking : by sharing knowledge and promoting the culture of evaluation.

Globally, the Francophone African pole of CLEAR Initiative works to make monitoring and evaluation and results-based management (RBM) A key principle of action for the development of French-speaking African countries.

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