As of April 24, 2015, the governance structure of CLEAR comprises two main governance bodies, the CLEAR Council and the Funding Committee. The operations of the CLEAR Council and the Funding Committee are supported by the Global Hub Team, housed at Independent Evaluation Group (IEG).

CLEAR Council
The CLEAR Council includes representatives of all CLEAR groups and comprises all Funding Committee Members, Center Directors and the Team Lead of the Global Hub Team.

The Council sets the overall strategy and goals for the Program and assesses its performance. It also provides advice to and seeks decisions from the Funding Committee regarding key aspects of the Program. The Council is chaired by the Program Chief Executive Officer. Decisions are reached by consensus. The scope of work for the council includes:
Strategy: Provide strategic direction to the Program Performance and Accountability: Provide advice to the Funding Committee, the Centers, and the Global Hub based on portfolio and performance reviews.
Governance: Undertake activities that strengthen program governance and management.

The CLEAR Council has also selected two members, representing the CLEAR Centers and the global funders respectively, to form an Executive Sub-Committee; the CLEAR CEO is the third member of the Executive Sub-Committee. The Council delegates decision making on implementation to the Executive Sub-Committee so that the Sub-Committee drives strategy implementation by making key operational decisions as needed. The Sub-Committee meets quarterly (virtually) or on an as-needed basis, as determined by the CEO. Decisions are made by consensus.

Funding Committee
The Funding Committee comprises funders to the multi-donor trust fund established at the World Bank to finance CLEAR, based on the membership rules.

The scope of activities for the committee includes: (i) Funding Strategy (determining the financial size of the Program); (ii) Funding and Accountability (ensuring adequate funding for operations and Program accountability and oversight; and (iii) Governance (reviewing and concurring with, Council proposed changes to the Charter, subject to the terms of the Administration Agreements and Bank policies and procedures).

The World Bank’s  is the administrator of the CLEAR partnership and multi-donor trust fund, and the secretariat for CLEAR (“Global Hub”). The Global Hub is able to leverage the World Bank’s resources, expertise, and convening power to build a strong network.