2015 Shanghai International Program for Development Evaluation Training

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Join us in Shanghai for SHIPDET 2015 Core Course - a one week course on the fundamental issues of monitoring and evaluation (M&E). Combining both attention to M&E theory and practical applications of the theory, the participants completing the course will gain knowledge and experience on M&E tools, techniques, and resources needed for planning, organizing, and/or managing programs and projects.

The November 2015 SHIPDET Core Course will be followed by two specialized courses. The first specialized course, Needs Assessment, is a two-day course that will help you develop effective needs assessments to guide project and program decisions. It will include exercises to showcase a variety of data collection, data analysis, and decision-making tools (including dual-response surveys, focus groups, interviews, and multi-criteria analysis). The second specialized course, Cost-Benefit Analysis Tools for Program Evaluation, is a three day course that will introduce participants to this approach.

More details on the specialized courses can be found here.

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Event Information
China Standard Time (CST)
Shanghai National Accounting Institute (SNAI), 200 Panlong Road, Qingpu District, Shanghai, China 201702