CLEAR-AA Winter School: Development Evaluation Training Programme in Africa (DETPA)

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The Winter School supports the vision of an African approach to evaluation. This approach acknowledges that context, culture, history and beliefs are critical to the way we shape evaluation in response to the diversity and complexity of development in Africa. Participants may choose either the Foundation or Advanced Track. Both courses are presented in parallel over a period of two weeks.

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This track is suitable for policy makers, program managers, development workers, new entrants to M&E and those who need a refresher course on M&E fundamentals. The course will reveal new thinking on evaluation, which includes discussion on a “Made in Africa” approach to evaluation and its importance in the context of the Sustainable Development Goals.



This track will stimulate experienced evaluators and M&E practitioners and add value to their knowledge and expertise. It will explore the concepts of developmental evaluation and deepening of evaluation, and adaptive management. The course also includes an investigation of evaluation methods in complex contexts and the importance of cultural responsiveness in evaluation in Africa.

PLUS ...

• Expert Panel Seminar – 18 August 2017 • Field Visit • Lunch Time Lectures



The course is designed to build the capacity of M&E practitioners, evaluators and new entrants who require high-quality introductory training. The course is also suitable for decision makers and development workers who would like to refresh their knowledge and improve their use of evidence to inform decision-making.


Tuition fee per course: R28,000.00


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