Course on Measurement and Survey Design 2016

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CLEAR South Asia is organising a 3-day open enrollment course on Measurement and Survey Design. The Measurement and Survey Design course provides an opportunity for Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) and research professionals to gain essential skills for data collection. Since 2011, the CLEAR South Asia Regional Center, based at J-PAL South Asia, has conducted custom courses based on their extensive experience in measurement, survey design, and data collection. This course was piloted in New Delhi, India last year and was very well received. Participants included researchers from organisations such as BRAC, British Council, CARE India, Pratham, Population Council, TATA Sustainability Group, Water Aid , and NITI Aayog.

The objective of the three-day programme is to cover the basic elements of designing effective questionnaires. Topics will include the theory of change and its importance in defining what to measure, developing unbiased measures, designing questionnaires, and collecting data. Significant emphasis will be placed on the application of survey design concepts through the use of relevant examples and interactive case studies.

The course is intended for researchers from all different disciplines who would like to learn how to strengthen their social survey instruments to collect more accurate and meaningful data.

The following key concepts will be covered:

  • Developing a theory of change to map the causal pathway of a program
  • Using a theory of change to inform the selection of indicators
  • Creating accurate and precise measurements
  • Avoiding measurement error
  • Measuring ‘hard-to-measure’ indicators
  • Paper based and digital questionnaire design
  • Piloting and survey re-design

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Event Information
India International Centre, Lecture room II, Annex Building, India International Center, New Delhi, Delhi 110003 India