Evaluation Week in Latin America and the Caribbean

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What is it?

The Evaluation Week in Latin America and the Caribbean (EVAL 2017) is a meeting point in which the public sector, civil society, and the academic community participate in different activities to generate spaces for research and discussion on the Importance of monitoring and evaluation for the continuous improvement of public policies and programs in the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean.


1. Generate a plural space in which academics, public policy makers and members of civil society organizations share and discuss approaches, strategies, methodologies, experiences and evaluation results to improve public programs in Latin America and the Caribbean.
2. Promote the use of evaluation in the country's public policies and programs.


Those interested should enter the CLEAR website to register one or more activities. After a selection period, accepted activities will be published and reported. Each accepted participant must complete a fact sheet with the detailed information of the activity and send it for the activity to be integrated into the Agenda EVAL 2017.

Once the EVAL 2017 is completed, the participants must complete a report card by activity and send it accompanied by 5 high resolution photographs for the preparation of the EVAL 2017 Memoirs.


Registration: http://www.clear-la.org/home/registro_eval2017/

More information (Spanish) here: http://www.clear-la.org/home/semana-de-la-evaluacion-en-america-latina-y-el-caribe-2017/


Emil Salim and Diana García

emil.salim@cide.edu   diana.garcia@cide.edu

Tel: (+52 1) 55 57279800 ext. 2351 or 2355


1. Registration of activities

Those interested in participating may register one or more activities from February 1 to March 16, 2017 on the CLEAR LAC website: http://www.clear-la.org, proposing two tentative dates to carry out the activity.

The activities that can register are:
1. Conference
2. Courses and Workshops
3. Round roundtables
4. Presentations of specific projects of evaluation and citizen monitoring.
5. Radio and television programs
6. Seminars
7. Other activities that meet the objectives of the EVAL 2017 week.


2. Selection Process

The organizers will take into account the quality, diversity and relevance of the content of the proposed activities.


3. Accepted Activities

Accepted activities will be announced on April 3, 2017 on the CLEAR LAC website and social networks. Likewise, those responsible for each activity will be notified by email.


4. Integration of the EVAL Agenda 2017

After the accepted activities are announced, each participant must send a descriptive card by activity to clear.la@cide.edu with the required information. The period of reception of descriptive files will be from 4 to 14 April 2017.


5. Agenda

The EVAL 2017 Agenda will be announced on April 28, 2017.

6. Receipt of report cards

At the end of the EVAL 2017 week, participants will be sent a report card to be filled out for each activity and send clear.la@cide.edu with five high resolution photographs (of at least 10 megapixels) per activity. These inputs will be used for the preparation of EVAL 2017 Reports.

After sending the report card each institution will receive a digital recognition that accredits the participation in EVAL 2017.
7. Reports of Evaluation Week in Latin America and the Caribbean

At the end of EVAL 2017, a digital archive will be disseminated with the EVAL 2017 reports on the CLEAR LAC website (www.clear-la.org), social networks of the conveners and via e-mail to the participants.
Responsibilities of participants:
1.Send your proposals in a timely manner
2. Coordinate the execution of the proposed event (content and logistics)
3. Maintain close communication and coordination with the convening institutions.
4.Complete the description sheet of the activity for the inclusion of the agenda of EVAL 2017
5.Difundir in social networks the agenda of activities.
6.Documentar the activity (graphically and written) and send the activity report to the conveners.

Responsibilities of the conveners:
1. Disseminate the call and agenda of EVAL 2017 in institutional social networks.
2.Colaborate in the selection of activities for the integration of the agenda of EVAL 2017
3.To approve the agenda of EVAL 2017
4. Participate in the opening and closing events of EVAL 2017
5. Disseminate the EVAL 2017 reports in the institutional media

Final Considerations
1.The participation in EVAL 2017 implies the acceptance of the terms of this Call.
2. The interpretation of the same or of any aspect not indicated in them corresponds only to the convening institutions.
3.The failure of the selection of the activities is unappealable.
4. Failure to comply with the responsibilities of the participating institutions will cause the elimination of the activity in the agenda of the Week.
5. Any case not provided for in this call will be resolved by the convening institutions.
Event Information
Central Time Zone (UTC-6:00)