Impact Evaluation and STATA Course

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The Impact Evaluation and STATA course aims to teach knowledge tools for professionals and researchers from Latin America and the Caribbean to develop basic skills to carry out impact assessments of public policies and programs, using the statistic program STATA.

The specific objectives of this course are:

1) That the participant is able to discern the most appropriate method of impact assessment to analyze a public problem, implement that method, and interpret its results.

2) That the participant knows the assumptions of identification used in the impact assessment and thus can consider the validity of the same



This course will be intensive and will be developed in face-to-face sessions in which the instructors will present a theoretical-practical approach. Participants will be able to review concepts and develop criteria for the application of impact assessment techniques and instruments.



To professionals and researchers from Latin America and the Caribbean who work in the public or private sphere in the design, implementation and / or evaluation of public policies.

Applicants must demonstrate their link with impact assessment, statistical and econometric knowledge, as well as the use of the STATA program.


Registration Process

1. Those interested in participating in the course must complete the Registration on the CLEAR page. [1]

2.Include the following scanned documents in the registry:
• Document accrediting the last degree of study: bachelors degree, masters degree or doctorate degree.
• Document showing that in advance he has studied subjects related to statistics, introductory econometrics, and / or Stata. These documents can be the material sheet -kardex-, or certificate, etc.
• Letter of explanation of reasons to participate in this course, addressed to Dr. Gabriela Pérez Yarahuán, general coordinator of the CLEAR LAC Center.

3. The selection will be in charge of the Selection Committee of the CLEAR Center, the results will be published on November 8, 2016 at 12:00 hrs. (Mexico City time). The results will be final.

4. Once the results are published, the CLEAR team will contact those selected via e-mail to formalize the participation in the course.

[1] The deadline to send the form is October 31, 2016 at 23:59 hrs. (Mexico City time).



A letter of acceptance will be given for the participant to take the necessary steps and confirm their participation. If the participant selected to obtain the scholarship does not confirm his participation, he will automatically transfer his site to another participant.

Only applications that are made in a timely manner will be accepted, if any one does not meet any of the mentioned requirements will not be taken into account.


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