Impact-oriented Management (GoI) Course for Lain America and the Caribbean 2016 (Train the Trainers)

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The main objective of the course is to provide the knowledge and techniques for participants to apply and replicate the GoI approach in actions related to the monitoring and evaluation of programs and projects, through the revision of key concepts and the use of methodologies Participatory approaches related to this approach.

The specific objectives of this course are:

1. Understand the fundamental elements of this approach: strategic orientation; Effective operations; Monitoring and evaluation for decision making; Orientation to participants; Learning orientation; Context orientation; And generation of capacities and conditions for impact.

2. Build a solid foundation for participants to apply the fundamental elements of this approach in their work contexts.

3. Present techniques so that the participant can replicate the course.


Most development initiatives take place in highly dynamic contexts where change processes are complex and uncertain. Guiding a development program or project towards impact means facing the challenges of changing contexts; In order to have greater control of these changes and to obtain results, Impact Oriented Management (GoI) is a strategic tool that allows orienting an intervention to results, taking into account the participants, the processes and the context in which it is implemented.

Impact Oriented Management has seven elements:
Strategic orientation
Effective Operations
Monitoring and evaluation for decision-making
Orientation to participants
Orientation to learning  
Context orientation  
Generation of capacities and conditions for impact

To present this approach, the GoI course was designed, focused on building a solid foundation for strategic learning aimed at monitoring and evaluating programs and projects. This strategic base is based on attitudes that are generated in the participants and are oriented to learning, attention to diversity, leadership, and change management.

This course is taught annually by the Center for Development Innovation (CDI) of the University of Wageningen, the Netherlands, and, due to its success, has a wide demand for assessment professionals from various parts of the world. The GoI course will be offered in Spanish for participants from Latin America and the Caribbean. In the 2016 edition, this course will teach Train of Trainers so that all participants acquire the necessary knowledge and techniques to replicate the course in their organizational environments.



The course is designed for directors and operators of national programs and projects; In charge of monitoring and evaluating programs and projects of governmental, non-governmental and business organizations; As well as independent evaluators.


Registration Process

1. Those interested in participating in the course must complete the registration found on the CLEAR website. It is important to make sure you complete it correctly. In the register they have to attach the following documents: Document proving the end of the last degree of studies, as expressed in the form.  Letter of reasons describing the activities of the current work, as well as the reasons why it will be useful to take the GoI course. The deadline to complete the form is October 31, 2016.

2. The selection process will be carried out by the Selection Committee, the results will be published on November 2, 2016. The results will be final.

3. Once the results are published, the CLEAR team will contact those selected to formalize the participation in the course.



Facilities of the University of Costa Rica (UCR), San José, Costa Rica.



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Tel.: +52 55 5727 9800 Ext. 2355


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