Measurement and Survey Design Course 2017

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CLEAR South Asia is organizing a 3-day open enrolment course on Measurement and Survey Design. The three-day course on Measurement and Survey Design is intended for researchers, M&E professionals and other individuals interested in gaining essential skills for collecting high quality primary data.

Survey instruments represent one of the most commonly used tools for collecting primary data from individuals and groups. Several factors need to be considered, during the implementation and design phases, for ensuring that data collected through survey instruments is reliable and accurate. This three-day course on measurement and survey design uses an array of pedagogical tools including a mix of lectures, case studies and experiential exercises to increase participants’ understanding of the process of designing and implementing effective survey questionnaires that yield high quality data.

Through this course participants will learn concepts related to what data to collect, how to design good survey instruments, why and how to pilot the instrument to refine it, and how to develop field protocols. Thus the course will provide an overview of measurement, survey design, and data collection methods and best practices related to each. In particular, the following key concepts are covered:

  • Developing a theory of change to map the causal pathway of a program
  • Using a theory of change to inform the selection of indicators
  • Creating accurate and precise measurements, particularly for concepts that are ‘hard-to-measure’
  • Understanding potential strategies to mitigate measurement error
  • Understanding the considerations for designing a digital survey questionnaire
  • Piloting and re-designing the survey instrument
  • Designing an effective field survey plan

Fee structure of the course is below and the application form is available here. Last date for submission of applications is April 3, 2017. For more information, contact

Organization Type Measurement Course Fee
NGOs, Academic/Research Institutions, Government INR 30000
For-Profit/private sector, foundations, international organizations INR 60000

(Fee includes the 3-day training with lunch, tea and coffee as well as all course materials)

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Event Information
Indian Standard Time (UTC+05:30)
India Habitat Center, Lodi Road, Delhi, Delhi 110003 India