Theory of Change for Development (MOOC)

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Does monitoring and evaluation seem too technical? Are you grappling with log frames and indicators that don’t adequately tell the story of your program?

A Theory of Change (ToC) approach can help you situate complex social and development interventions. It is both a process and a product for explaining the various contributors to change, and the multiple levels of outcomes that result from program implementation

This course will provide public and development managers, monitoring and evaluation practitioners, donor agencies, NGOs, academics, and other stakeholders with a toolkit to interrogate the process of change that they are engaged in. The course will introduce you to theory of change approaches and principles. It will give you the tools to both understand existing theories of change, and develop your own. You will also be able to connect a theory of change to log frames and other organizational tools for M&E.

This course will run from 1-29 November 2017.

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