The American Evaluation Association celebrated CLEAR Week for the third year. All the contributions to aea365 come from members of CLEAR.

Year 2016

June 24, 2016
  CLEAR Week: Caitlin Blaser Mapitsa on Peer learning as a context-relevant method

June 23, 2016 



CLEAR Week: Lycia Lima, Aline D’Angelo, Dalila Figueirdo and Lucas Finamor on Convincing policymakers to fund M&E at times of financial crisis

June 22, 2016



CLEAR Week: Marike Noordhoek on Knowledge management and learning: the glue connecting M&E efforts to use of the evidence generated

June 21, 2016



CLEAR Week: Gabriela Perez Yarahuan, Ana Ramírez Valencia, Indrani Barrón Illescas and Emil Salim Miyar on Organizing a National M&E Conference Collaboratively and Across Cities

June 20, 2016 



CLEAR Week: Maurya West Meiers on “Go-to” sources of information on evidence topics in the international development sphere

June 19, 2016



CLEAR Week: Ningqin Wu and Amy Chen on Using instant messaging services such as WeChat to connect stakeholders across country and language boundaries


Year 2015

May  22,  2015 
  CLEAR Week: Nidhi Khattri on Building systems of evaluations, not one evaluation at a time

May  21,  2015 


CLEAR Week: Lycia Lima on Improving Impact Evaluation Planning

May  20,  2015 


CLEAR Week: Urmy Shukla on Next steps in M&E capacity building: What happens after the training is over?

May  19,  2015 



CLEAR Week: Claudia Maldonado Trujillo and Oliver Manuel Peña Advancing Evaluation of Climate Change in Latin America by Bringing Together Diverse Stakeholders

May  18,  2015


CLEAR Week: Neha Sharma on What can behavioral science tell us about learning through evaluations?

May  17,  2015 



CLEAR Week: Zhao Min and Ningquin Wu on Experience of Establishing a Performance-based Budgeting System: The Case of Shanghai


Year 2014

June 20, 2014
  CLEAR Week: Claudia Maldonado and Alicia López on Creating “Enabling Environments” for Monitoring & Evaluation

June 19, 2014



CLEAR Week: Boubacar Aw on Evaluation Capacity Building in Francophone Africa: Development of teaching materials through training of trainers (TOT)

June 18, 2014


CLEAR Week: Gemma Stevenson on Building M&E Skills and Knowledge: Lessons from Pakistan

June 17, 2014


CLEAR Week: Tim Clynick on Beyond Rhetoric: Africa’s National Evaluation Movement

June 16, 2014 


CLEAR Week: Diva Dhar and Urmy Shukla on Designing Courses for M&E Capacity Building: Lessons from South Asia

June 15, 2014



CLEAR Week: Zhao Min on Introducing CLEAR Week and Performance Management Systems – A Growth Area for the International Evaluation Community

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