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Submitted by gogasan on Thu, 03/24/2016 - 10:15

CLEAR South Asia Interactive Course Manual has been prepared for CLEAR regional centers like J-PAL, IPA, and the wider monitoring and evaluation (M&E) community that may be designing or re-evaluating their existing training components. It introduces different guidelines to make trainings on M&E methods more interactive, enjoyable, and fruitful learning experiences for the participants. The content of this manual is based on CLEAR South Asia, Center for Economic Research in Pakistan (CERP), and J-PAL South Asia’s experience of conducting and promoting interactive trainings. It incorporates material that may be useful for other M&E centers in designing more effective trainings.

The primary goal of this manual is to help make the training process more interactive by encouraging collaborative learning. People are engaged as active learners, rather than passive participants. This not only enhances the motivation of participants, but also enables them to attain maximum gain from the training experience. In addition to the recommendations outlined in this training manual, another general way to promote greater interaction in the training course is to facilitate network creation among participants. This can be done by sharing their contact details at the end of the course, creating an email group, enabling them to avail opportunities for further professional development, or holding a social event at the end of the training.

This manual covers key information regarding the different components of interactive training. It also gives an overview of how to make Stata trainings more participant-friendly and how to incorporate information regarding the use of Training Assistants (TAs) as a vital component of promoting more interactive learning. The Annexure (1 to 8) provides samples of generic exercises, case study teaching notes, and Stata exercises as a reference.

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