Brazil and Lusophone Africa


The Center for Learning on Evaluation and Results for Brazil and Lusophone Africa is based at Fundação Getulio Vargas (FGV), a Brazilian world-renowned think tank and higher education institution founded in 1944, dedicated to promoting Brazil’s economic and social development.  FGV/CLEAR is formally placed at FGV´s Sao Paulo School of Economics, but also benefits from a multidisciplinary context as it has associates from FGV´s School of Public Administration and Government and other partner institutions. 

The Center for Learning on Evaluation and Results for Brazil and Lusophone Africa (FGV/CLEAR) seeks to promote and develop subnational and national M&E capacities and systems in Lusophone countries. FGV/CLEAR has a broad line of action, in order to provide tailor made services for a wide range of clients, including governments, private agencies, civil society, academia, and other M&E providers. The Center offers basic and advanced M&E courses to current and prospective M&E staff, with varying technical depth. Furthermore, FGV/CLEAR contributes to building knowledge in M&E in Lusophone countries through developing a series of knowledge products in Portuguese as well as promoting Seminars and Roundtables to foster the exchange of successful experiences. The Center also works jointly with its clients, through technical assistance and advisory services, developing M&E capacities and systems and improving the quality of their current M&E practices.


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