CLEAR Brazil and Lusophone Africa


We promote and develop national and subnational M&E capacities and systems in Lusophone countries.

Our services include:

  • Providing custom trainings, workshops, seminars, and other services for governments, private agencies, civil society, academia, and other M&E providers
  • Providing technical assistance and advisory services
  • Offering basic and advanced M&E courses to current and prospective M&E staff
  • Strengthening knowledge in M&E in Lusophone countries through the publication and dissemination of knowledge products in Portuguese, and organizing and contributing to conferences, seminars, and other knowledge-sharing events


The CLEAR Center for Brazil and Lusophone Africa is hosted by the Getulio Vargas Foundation (FGV) at the São Paulo School of Economics. The Center started operations in 2015.

Building M&E skills... We offer workshops and trainings on M&E fundamental and advanced quantitative evaluation methods, both on an open-enrollment basis and customized for client organizations.

Building institutional capacity... We offer technical assistance services that range from specific evaluations to comprehensive advisory activities, keeping institutional learning as a priority throughout the process. As a member of the CLEAR Initiative, we also leverage the work of leading monitoring and evaluation practitioners from around the world.

Generating new evidence... Generating new scientific evidence is inherent to our activities, enabling us to address knowledge gaps within the specific context, draw visibility to important issues and, ultimately, influence policy-making.

Sharing evidence & M&E knowledge... We disseminate publications and organize outreach activities and share thematic evidence from literature reviews and our own studies to promote a more conducive environment for evidence-based decision making and, ultimately, influence policy-making towards a more evidence-based approach.



We engage strategic partners at country and regional levels, including:

  • National and Subnational Governments to improve program results and inform budgetary decisions. For example, we developed a solid partnership with the state of Espírito Santo, one of the most “M&E aware” in Brazil, to design its own M&E system and strengthen their organizational capacities.
  • Civil Society Organizations and the General Public to increase understanding of M&E best practices. Examples of this work include offering short, introductory workshops on M&E methods and organizing outreach events to share thematic evidence.
  • Private Sector Corporations and Foundations to strengthen M&E through direct technical assistance and comprehensive advisory services. For example, we conducted an evaluative study on labor market and skill gaps in São Paulo that was sponsored by JPMorgan’s "New Skills at Work" program and shared our findings and recommendations at a seminar attended by more than 100 participants from 57 institutions, including public education authorities, private sector education institutes, large private and public sector employers, and civil society organizations working on education policy.
  • Academia to generate and publish high-quality research on M&E methods and develop curricula for professional master's degree programs.
  •  M&E Networks to connect professionals and share knowledge. For example, we work closely with the Brazilian M&E Network (RBMA) to co-organize conferences, support fundraising, and provide in-kind resources for outreach activities and trainings.


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