CLEAR East Asia


We promote M&E capacity building platforms and provide M&E knowledge and services in East Asia and the Asia-Pacific region.

Our services include:

  • Providing M&E trainings for government officials, members of international organizations, and evaluators from the private sector
  • Organizing M&E knowledge-sharing events
  • Providing M&E advisory services, primarily for government policies and projects in China
  • Conducting M&E research

The CLEAR Center in East Asia is hosted by the Asia-Pacific Finance and Development Institute at the Shanghai National Accounting Institute,a public service institution affiliated with the Ministry of Finance of China, that promotes capacity building in finance and development among Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation member economies. The Center started operating in 2012.

Knowledge Supplier... Through our flagship training program, Shanghai International Program for Development Evaluation (SHIPDET) and custom M&E courses, we share the latest knowledge on M&E theory, tools, and applications to evaluation practitioners and experts.

Influential Platform... In collaboration with the Ministry of Finance of China, the Asian Development Bank, and the World Bank, we organize Asian Evaluation Week, an annual event where government officials, international organizations, and independent evaluation experts meet to exchange research, knowledge, and practical experience. 

Practical Expertise... We conduct research on the development and practice of performance-based budget management at local and central government levels. Our findings have been shared with Chinese government officials and regional and global experts.



We engage strategic partners at national, regional and global levels, including:

  • Domestic Policy Makers and Academic Institutions: With the support of our host institute, we conduct M&E research and provide M&E training courses to key stakeholders. For example, we work closely with the Budget Department of Ministry of Finance of China, provincial financial departments, and academic institutions, to research and share experiences on performance-based budget management in China.
  • Regional Development Bank and Peer Institutions:  We work closely with numerous institutions in the region, such as the Asian Development Bank, the Economics and Finance Institute of Cambodia, and CAREC Institute to co-develop and deliver custom training courses, knowledge-sharing events, and conduct research.
  • Global Partners and International Financial Institutions: As a member of The CLEAR Initiative, we share our knowledge and support network-wide capacity-building initiatives such as PRiME, a training program in rural M&E, and gLOCAL Evaluation Week


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