CLEAR Latin America and the Caribbean


Since 2012, CIDE has hosted the Regional Center for Learning on Evaluation and Results for Spanish Speaking Latin America (CLEAR LA). CLEAR is a global initiative, with centers in six regions around the world, which aims to strengthen capacities in monitoring and evaluation (M&E). As a member of this global network, CLEAR Latin America promotes intraregional learning and innovation through close collaboration among strategic actors.

CLEAR Latin America offers courses and workshops on M&E for public officials, members of international organizations, and leaders from civil society and the private sector. It also provides technical assistance for public, private, and nonprofit organizations and fosters knowledge dissemination through research, international seminars, roundtables, and other peer-learning activities. Thanks to its alliances with key actors and its sponsorship and active engagement in regional networks, today CLEAR is a key reference point for monitoring and evaluation in Latin America.

Work and service

CLEAR-LA’s activities can be summarized in four areas.

  • CLEAR Latin America contributes to strengthening monitoring and evaluation (M&E) capacities and practices. It offers educational programs, courses, and workshops for those involved in M&E-related fields, as well as technical assistance for institutions. It also performs program evaluations and grants scholarships for several courses and activities.
  • CLEAR Latin America promotes learning and dissemination of knowledge in M&E. It performs and supports research on M&E in Latin America, promotes peer-learning mechanisms among relevant actors, and organizes conferences, seminars, and other events.
  • It also supports national, regional and international networks and institutions in the field of M&E.
  • CLEAR Latin America creates strategic alliances and partnerships with other capacity builders.

CLEAR Latin America has become a regional actor of great importance for evaluation capacity. It has trained over 1,500 public officials, members of international organizations, civil society and private sector leaders in more than 19 Latin American and Caribbean countries. It has also offered about 30 technical assistance services to several government agencies, both national and subnational. It is currently the host institution of the annual Evaluation Week in Mexico, alongside many other conferences and events throughout the region. CLEAR Latin America has over 20 publications on M&E developments in Latin America. The National Council of Evaluation from the Mexican Government has recently conferred a national award to CLEAR Latin America for its outstanding work in capacity building on M&E.


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