Research for Impact Fellowship in South Asia

As part of its efforts to support and promote young and emerging evaluators, CLEAR South Asia runs the Research for Impact (RFI) Fellowship. This program is designed to enhance the capacity of Indian PhD scholars in conducting impact evaluations, with the goal of cultivating a network of academics who generate rigorous, policy-relevant evidence in India. 

Young women in a group writing notes

The Research for Impact Fellowship, hosted in partnership with J-PAL South Asia, aims to equip young development researchers with the theoretical knowledge and practical skills necessary to design and implement randomized evaluations for assessing the effectiveness of social policies and programs. In Stage One, Fellows complete the MITx MicroMasters course on Designing and Running Randomised Evaluations, to progress to Stage Two, where they are given an opportunity to gain hands-on experience in supporting a randomized evaluation in the field. 

Since 2018, in the three years after its launch, RFI has received over 170 applications from PhD students across disciplines such as economics, public health, education, and public policy. 

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