CLEAR Anglophone Africa Annual Report 2016

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This report is not only a first for CLEAR-AA but it provides some meaningful insights on what works, how and in what context. Furthermore, the report outlines a year spent bedding down systems as well as strategically planning and preparing to mature the organization and migrate CLEAR-AA to become a center within the CLM (Commerce, Law and Management) faculty.

The annual report skillfully narrates the key deliverables consistent with the overarching CLEAR Global Theory of Change and aligned to the CLEAR-AA Theory of Change. The organization implemented a host of activities during the year to contribute towards the achievement of its wider outcomes: “to increase a cohort of African evaluation scholars, increase the use of evidence in decision- making to embed and to enhance the culture(s) of and use of evaluation in Anglophone Africa.”

The work of CLEAR-AA is reflected through its 4 core strategic Business Lines:
• Strengthening legislative oversight;
• Strengthening evaluation practice;
• Strengthened national and sub-national evaluation systems; and
• Evaluation methods in Africa.

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