CLEAR Mid-Term Evaluation Report

Submitted by on Thu, 05/12/2016 - 11:15

Requirements for a midterm and final evaluation were built into the funding agreements and expectations of funders and CLEAR Centres since the inception of the initiative. The midterm evaluation also reflects a demand by the CLEAR Board to have an independent assessment of CLEAR progress at the mid-point in its lifecycle for the following purposes:

  • Learning for improvements in the rationale, design, management, implementation and governance of the CLEAR global Initiative
  • Accountability to the current funders of CLEAR for funds invested in CLEAR 
  • As a public good contributing knowledge on approaches to strengthening evaluation capacity in developing countries, designing and managing global initiatives.
  • The evaluation objectives as articulated in the evaluation Terms of Reference emphasise the formative nature of the evaluation
  • Highlight achievements, challenges and lessons to date as a basis for accountability to the funders and hosting institutions
  • Make recommendations for improvements in the design, management, governance and implementation of the CLEAR Initiative for the remaining period of implementation, with a view to Initiative sustainability. This includes identifying the most promising strategies and/or alternatives approaches for CLEAR’s success. 
  • Produce public good knowledge (lessons, approaches) following the evaluation to inform the fields of development evaluation, regional capacity building, institution building, and global initiatives.

The intended users of the evaluation include: the Board of CLEAR, the Secretariat, the five operational Regional Centres, and CLEAR clients and collaborators including governments and voluntary organisations of professional evaluators (VOPEs). The evaluation covers the period from CLEAR inception in 2010 to December 2013 and, where relevant, considers developments in the five operational centres up until the time of finalising the evaluation report (September 2014). The evaluation considered the effectiveness of the CLEAR Board, Secretariat, Regional Centres and their affiliates and Regional Advisory Committees that were operational at the time of the evaluation.

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