M&E Roundtable Series # 7 Scaling-Up Social Programs

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July 15, 2013

This roundtable was the seventh in a series of M&E roundtables organised by CLEAR South Asia. This roundtable was conducted by Dr. Richard Kohl, Founder and Principal, Center for Large Scale Social Change LLC, (CLSSC) whose mission is to support scaling up of high-impact innovations worldwide.

The first part of the roundtable featured a presentation on the scaling up framework, challenges to scaling up, and ways to address them. It covered:

  • Scaling up concepts, its different types, forms, and methods.
  • Key challenges of scaling up, why breakdowns often occur, and ways to address them.
  • Phases of scaling up and their associated tasks and tools.
  • Ways to assess and improve the scalability of a particular intervention.
  • How to set goals for scale (including reach, impact, cost, equity and sustainability).
  • How to analyze an organization’s ability to implement at large scale and the overall scaling up environment.
  • How to create a scaling up strategy from a menu of alternative pathways, mechanisms and institutions for scaling up.

The second part of the seminar offered live coaching on case studies from participants on overcoming scale-up challenges. This was done through three participant case studies shortlisted prior to the roundtable.

Watch the second part here.

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