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What we do

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The CLEAR Centers aim to increase, at the regional and global levels, M&E supply and demand, strengthen evidence-based policy-making, increase government accountability and transparency, and help measure development progress and outcomes.

CLEAR’s Menu of Services includes an integrated mix of training, technical assistance, knowledge-production, and knowledge-sharing activities. For each of these services, CLEAR Centers are committed to delivering high-quality support that is contextually relevant for clients and partners.

Menu of Services


We have developed a range of standard and customized M&E courses for various audiences, including government officials, parliamentarians, CSO staff, and development professionals. We develop courses, workshops, events, and other formations in M&E basic and advanced topics. Our work is guided by an in-depth understanding of clients’ needs and of the local context, and by internationally benchmarked knowledge of approaches to M&E capacity development. Most of the trainings are fee-based, but the Centers offer scholarships, as well as fellowships and mentoring to individuals with limited ability to pay, as part of our commitment to offering public goods.

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  • Scholarships
  • Mentoring

Examples of CLEAR Activities

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Technical Assistance to the Royal Government of Bhutan

Seeking to improve the rigor and standardization of their appraisal process, the government engaged CLEAR South Asia to conduct a series of training and advisory service sessions. Over two years, by using a mix of lectures, case studies, and group work, CLEAR South Asia trained 75 government officials on topics such as impact evaluation, data collection, identifying key indicators, and various measurement methods.


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M&E Training Offerings in Francophone Africa

CLEAR Francophone Africa has developed a variety of training programs (basic and advanced) in monitoring and evaluation and its related fields. These are qualifying training courses, adapted to the local context and are based on a variety of case studies inspired by field experiences in an African environment. 

Training Catalog

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Generating Spanish M&E Resources

To help close the M&E knowledge gap in Spanish-speaking countries, CLEAR Latin America and the Caribbean produces, publishes, and disseminates M&E research and knowledge products. Spanish-language content is accessible on the Center’s website, where most publications can be accessed free of charge. These outputs include manuals on performance-based budgeting, evaluation with a gender focus, M&E at the subnational level, public policy evaluation in Latin America, and other contextualized knowledge about building evaluation capacity.

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African Evaluation Database (AfrED)

The primary goal of the development of the AfrED platform, implemented by CLEAR Anglophone Africa, is to capture, curate, and present information on evaluation projects, studies, agencies, and actors in 19 sub-Saharan African countries. The database currently captures basic bibliographic and other related metadata on evaluation reports, journal articles, and doctoral dissertations (currently limited to South Africa) in the field of M&E that have been produced since 2000.


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Technical Assistance for Brazil 

CLEAR Lusophone Africa and Brazil supported the State of Espírito Santo in Brazil in designing, developing, and institutionalizing its M&E system. The Center also supported the development of guidelines for public policy evaluation, which became publications that are used to guide M&E activities in all areas of government, using existing policies from the State as examples.

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Ministry of Finance of China

Annual Asian Evaluation Week

Recognizing the importance of establishing a platform for M&E knowledge sharing and capacity building within and outside China, CLEAR East Asia partnered with China’s Ministry of Finance, the Asian Development Bank, and the World Bank Group to organize the annual Asian Evaluation Week (AEW).

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