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The CLEAR Network comprises six regional Centers and two affiliate Centers in Asia, America, and Africa. Our vision is to promote better development outcomes through increased evaluation capacity, learning, and the use of evidence. The CLEAR centers are core implementing members of the Global Evaluation Initiative, a global initiative committed to developing country-owned, sustainable monitoring and evaluation (M&E) frameworks and capacities to promote the use of evidence in public decision-making.

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We know that evaluation and monitoring should be at the heart of any debate on what works. Robust M&E systems are essential for governments and institutions. They help them design effective policies, support decision-making and create a clear sense of what progress is being achieved. Yet, many countries still lack effective M&E systems, making evidence-informed decision-making difficult.

Dugan Fraser, Manager of the Global Evaluation Initiative (GEI)

Check out what the Centers achieved in 2021

Over the past year, the CLEAR Centers delivered a total of 351 activities, including 103 training workshops, 129 knowledge-sharing events, 69 technical assistance advisory services, 44 knowledge and applied research products, and 7 scholarship and internship mentoring programs. 

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CLEAR is a core implementing partner of the Global Evaluation Initiative