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Evaluate. Learn. Decide.
CLEAR is a global team. We aim to improve policy through strengthening monitoring and evaluation (M&E) systems and capacities. We innovate, test and learn locally and regionally, and we share and inspire globally.

Happening in CLEAR
NEW! Access the findings from the CLEAR Mid-Term Evaluation Final Report and the CLEAR Board's Response to the Recommendations. Final Report or Board Response   The program is designed to promote evaluation capacity building, especially among participants working in Asian development contexts. Read more   The purpose of this Quality Assurance (QA) Framework is to enable the development and implementation of high quality Capacity Development (CD) services and products by institutions participating in CLEAR and others. Read more
This work represents a significant effort to weigh and document the performance of the three levels of government in metropolitan and regional development from a primary intervention tools in recent years. Read more   In case you missed it! The American Evaluation Association celebrated Centers for Learning on Evaluation and Results (CLEAR) week. All the contributions to aea365 come from members of CLEAR. Read more   Women’s empowerment can lead to economic growth, better health outcomes, reduction of poverty and increased educational attainment. But measuring women’s empowerment is challenging. Watch session
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