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Evaluate. Learn. Decide.

CLEAR is a global team. We aim to improve policy through strengthening monitoring and evaluation (M&E) systems and capacities. We innovate, test and learn locally and regionally, and we share and inspire globally.

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Aiming to enable participants to produce and use the RIA in the process of decision making and display requirements, methods, and the latest specialized techniques for a high-quality RIA, the Center provides this course to increase the capacity to implement the knowledge imparted through Latin American examples, which will be supported by practices in North America and Europe.
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NEW! This annual report serves as a comprehensive reference guide to anyone interested in the CLEAR program, but also anyone interested in Evaluation Capacity Development more broadly. We welcome your support and engagement as CLEAR now moves forward, building on the early years’ pilots and experiments, more confident than before as to where and how real impact can be delivered. Read more


NEW! CLEAR South Asia is organising a three-day monitoring and evaluation course for mid-level officers of the Indian Economic Service (IES) involved in managing, conducting, supporting, and using evaluations. The course will aim to give them an overview of cutting-edge methods used for monitoring, impact evaluation, and data collection. It will focus on the use of impact evaluation to inform policymaking and program design. Read more

This brief highlights promising strategies, approaches and tools CLEAR centers have used that can be further explored or replicated. Areas include influencing M&E supply and demand, establishing partnerships and developing context-specific solutions. Read more  

NEW! As countries respond to the demands of rapidly changing development contexts, the need to find the right systems and tools to promote inclusive development increases. Across Africa there is pressure to harness emerging evaluative thinking and context-specific evaluation processes, to improve our responses to the complex transformations occurring within the continent. Read more

  CLEAR/J-PAL South Asia is conducting a customized workshop for IL&FS on Monitoring and Evaluation for Programme Management. The sessions will comprise lectures as well as case studies on theory of change, evaluation methods and incorporating evidence into decision-making. Read more
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