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Evaluate. Learn. Decide.

CLEAR is a global team. We aim to improve policy through strengthening monitoring and evaluation (M&E) systems and capacities. We innovate, test and learn locally and regionally, and we share and inspire globally.

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NEW! The two-day executive course will answer these two main questions: How can the field of impact investing be expanded in South Africa to make a significant contribution addressing the country’s social, economic and environmental challenges? And what cost-effective, useful and practical methods and tools are available to to evaluate the success, and improve the performance, of impact investing funds and programmes? Register here

This report highlights CLEAR's activities and achievements from 2013-2014. It also reflects on past experiences and lessons from the Mid-Term Evaluation to inform decisions for the program's future. Read more


NEW! Join us in Shanghai for SHIPDET 2015 Core Course - a one week course on the fundamental issues of monitoring and evaluation (M&E). Combining both attention to M&E theory and practical applications of the theory, the participants completing the course will gain knowledge and experience on M&E tools, techniques, and resources needed for planning, organizing, and/or managing programs and projects. Read more

This brief highlights promising strategies, approaches and tools CLEAR centers have used that can be further explored or replicated. Areas include influencing M&E supply and demand, establishing partnerships and developing context-specific solutions. Read more  

Access the findings from the CLEAR Mid-Term Evaluation Final Report and the CLEAR Board's Response to the Recommendations. Final Report or Board Response

  NEW! The Institute for Policy Alternatives-Ghana and CLEAR-AA are excited to invite participants to a free workshop, “Learning, Monitoring and Evaluation of Collective Action Movements in Africa”. This workshop will use case-studies from across Africa (as presented by members of those collectives) to unpack and learn how they might be evaluated. Read more
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