Who We Are


CLEAR is a global M&E capacity development program that brings together academic institutions and donor partners to foster the collection, measurement, analysis, and subsequent use of robust evidence in developing countries' policy and programmatic decision making.

With a focus on public good and a worldwide network, we are uniquely positioned to help governments build capacity at national, regional, and local levels to measure development progress and outcomes, strengthen evidence-based policy-making, and increase government accountability and transparency.

Our six regional centers, located in Anglophone Africa, Brazil and Lusophone Africa, East Asia, Francophone AfricaLatin America and the Caribbean, and South Asia, - plus two regional affiliates in Ghana and Pakistan - are supported by a Global Hub based at the World Bank’s Independent Evaluation Group. Working together, we offer our clients local and regional expertise supported by the depth and breadth of a global network.

In the fiscal year ending June 30, 2018, CLEAR delivered capacity-building trainings to 28,277 individuals from 66 countries. For many agencies involved, we complemented trainings with advisory services to improve M&E systems and processes to foster a broader and more enduring impact on evidence-based decision-making.


CLEAR’s governance structure includes a Council and a Funding Committee.

The Council provides strategic direction for program performance and accountability, including advice to the Funding Committee, Centers, and the Global Hub based on portfolio and performance reviews; and undertakes activities that strengthen program governance and management. Membership is comprised of Funding Committee members, CLEAR Center Directors, and the CLEAR CEO. 

Two Council members (representing the CLEAR Centers and our funding partners, respectively) serve with the CLEAR CEO on an Executive Sub-Committee. The Council delegates decision-making on implementation to the Executive Sub-Committee so that it can drive strategy implementation, making key operational decisions as needed. The Executive Sub-Committee meets quarterly or on an as-needed basis, as determined by the CLEAR CEO. Decisions are made by consensus.

Activities undertaking by the Funding Committee include: i) Funding Strategy (determining the financial size of the program); (ii) Funding and Accountability (ensuring adequate funding for operations) and program accountability and oversight; and (iii) Governance (reviewing and concurring with Council proposed changes to the Charter, subject to the terms of the Administration Agreements and World Bank policies and procedures). Membership is based on the following rules:

  • Full membership is reserved for funders contributing an average of $300,000 or more per year
  • One individual collectively representing funding partners who contribute less than the requisite amount of cash to collectively represent all such entities (IEG will nominate and invite the representative based on funders’ non-objection)
  • A senior manager from the World Bank's Independent Evaluation Group



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